Friday, May 6, 2016

The Story Book of Science, Chapter 2

Everyone was sitting around, leisurely playing or working at something when the youngest boy, Emile, asked Ambroisine to tell a story to amuse them.  She immediately began to tell the story of an ant and a grasshopper who were trying to cross a frozen river.  The grasshopper jumped across and then tried to instruct the ant to do the same but, of course, he could not and instead he slipped an broke his leg.  Then the story began into one of those long chain stories that young children like so much; this story was meant to show that no matter how strong a creature is, there is always one who is stronger.   The young boy quickly was bored with her story and asked her to tell a true story.  Now Uncle Paul chimed in and said that true stories about God's creation were better than man made stories because God is a much better story teller than man.  He said he had a true story about ants to tell, if they cared to hear it - which they all did.  

*Year 4, Week 1
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