Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get My SH** Together!

Ironic? I'm not sure if that's even the right word.  My last post was about remembering to be thankful for my children and not let the messes that said children make rule my thoughts/attitude.  Today I have to change directions.  I was confronted by Hubby last night about The Mess.  I stay home all day and am supposed to be the homemaker, right?  Yes, I agree....BUT.  It is difficult when someone I love points out my struggles (of which I am perfectly aware).  My first instinct - go on the defensive, of course.  But today, after the smoke and my thoughts have cleared I know that things have to change.  I was even given an ultimatum. Sort of.

If I can't handle all the kids and keeping up our home then homeschooling would just be too much to add to my plate.  (Kindergarden starts in just a few short months.)

In my mind I only have one option.  I have to get my shit together!  My children's future is important to me.  The future of my marraige is also important to me.  Being a good homemaker and homeschooling my children are VERY important to me.

So it's time to find some balance.  This homemaking business does not come naturally to me so it may be lots of  "two steps forward, one step back" times, but this is not something at which I am willing to fail.